Which Type of Greenhouse Is Best For My Garden?

Which Type of Greenhouse Is Best for Your Garden?

When considering the addition of a potting shed or a greenhouse to your garden, it’s essential to evaluate several factors to ensure you select the perfect structure for your needs. Greenhouses vary significantly in style, size, and materials, making it important to do thorough research. Norfolk Sheds offers a variety of options, whether you’re looking for potting sheds, garden potting sheds, or full-sized greenhouses.

Positioning Your Greenhouse

Choosing the right location for your greenhouse is crucial. Ensure it receives ample sunlight throughout the day. Ideally, the spot should be free from surface water and on level ground. For year-round use, orient the ridge of the roof east-west to maximise light during the darker months. If only using in spring and summer, a north-south orientation will suffice.

Leave at least 2 feet of space around your greenhouse for maintenance and cleaning. Avoid positioning near tall trees to prevent shading and potential damage from falling branches.

Choosing the Right Size

The size of your greenhouse depends on the number of crops you intend to grow and the space available in your garden. For beginners, a smaller 6ft wide greenhouse, like the Holkham, is often sufficient. More experienced gardeners with larger gardens might opt for something like the larger Holkham, 12ft wide greenhouse.

Glazing Options

Glazing is a key component in maintaining the right temperature and light levels inside your greenhouse. Options include toughened safety glass, which is ideal for strength and safety, and various types of plastic. Your choice will depend on your specific needs and the conditions your greenhouse will face.

Frame Materials

Frames are typically made from wood or aluminium. Strong frames with additional bracing along the eaves and ridge offer greater durability. The frame not only supports the structure but also contributes to its overall aesthetic.

Greenhouse Base

A solid base is essential for stability and durability. Greenhouses can be placed on soil, concrete pads, or more commonly, on a metal base or brick plinth. Norfolk Sheds’ potting sheds come with integral bases, enhancing strength and simplifying installation.


Effective ventilation is vital to control temperature and maintain a healthy environment for your plants. Look for greenhouses with multiple roof and side vents. Automatic ventilation systems, which adjust based on temperature, can be particularly useful, ensuring your plants don't overheat during warmer weather.

Cost Considerations

Greenhouse prices vary widely based on size, materials, and additional features. Quality greenhouses start at around £1000 and can come with warranties extending up to 25 years. Norfolk Sheds offers a range of options to fit different budgets, all featuring strong aluminium bases included in the price.

Is Glass or Plastic Better?

The choice between glass and plastic depends on your priorities. Glass, especially toughened safety glass, is durable and offers excellent clarity and light transmission. Plastic options, like polycarbonate, are lighter and often less expensive but may not provide the same durability or aesthetic appeal.

What Should You Not Put in a Greenhouse?

Avoid placing items that could attract pests or create humidity issues, such as compost bins or certain types of mulch. Additionally, be mindful of the materials used in your greenhouse to ensure they don’t release harmful chemicals or odours that could affect your plants.

The Best Greenhouse for Beginners

For those new to gardening, starting with a smaller greenhouse or even a mini-greenhouse can be advantageous. These structures are easier to manage and allow you to get accustomed to greenhouse gardening before committing to a larger investment.

Why Choose a Summer House Instead?

While greenhouses are fantastic for dedicated gardeners, a summer house can be a more cost-effective and versatile option. Summer houses don’t require as much planning, designing, or sourcing of materials. They provide a space for relaxation, entertainment, and even potting plants, without the need for the same level of maintenance and setup as a greenhouse.

In conclusion, selecting the right greenhouse involves considering your gardening needs, space, and budget. Norfolk Sheds offers a variety of greenhouses and potting sheds that cater to both novice and experienced gardeners. However, for those looking for a simpler, multi-purpose solution, a summer house might be the ideal choice.

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