Small Garden? Space-saving Garden Shed Options

No matter the size of your garden, you’ll likely need a storage solution for your outdoor equipment and garden tools. If space is limited in your outdoor paradise, this can be challenging. However, don’t dismiss the notion that the right garden shed exists — Norfolk Sheds ideas for small garden sheds might be just what you need.

Shallow Shed Solutions

If your garden can only accommodate a shallow shed, explore our T&G range provide a  practical option, sit neatly against a garden wall or fence, conserving precious floor space. Look for models that are shallow in depth but generous in height to maximise vertical storage. Adjustable shelves can help you make the space work perfectly for your needs. Corner sheds are also a great option. Often the space in the corner of a garden cannot be used effectively. However, our corner sheds aren’t just a great option for small gardens, they are also a good way of ensuring the shed doesn’t become the centerpiece of larger gardens.

Compact Tool Sheds

More akin to a sentry box than a traditional shed, a compact tool shed is ideal for small gardens or terraces. Lining the interior with hooks, peg rails, or slim shelves ensures every inch is maximised, keeping the space neat and organised. We recommend models like the Woodlands Shiplap tool shed. 

Creative Small Garden Sheds

A mini shed can fit into the most unexpected places. For instance, a cleverly designed structure can conceal an air conditioning unit while providing storage for tall garden tools. Utilising existing alcoves or corners with bespoke joinery can transform even the tiniest spaces into functional and decorative storage areas.

Country-Style Small Garden Sheds

Small garden sheds can also be stylish. A country-style shed with features like a stable door, tiled roof, and shiplap cladding can add charm to your garden. If space is really tight, consider a children's playhouse, as they are usually smaller than regular sheds. Painting it with a classic white wood stain and updating the roof with shingles or peg tiles can turn it into a chic garden feature.

Camouflage Techniques

For tight outdoor spaces, you can either celebrate your shed with cheerful paint and styling or blend it into the garden. Painting a slim shed in soft sage green and growing climbers up the side can help it disappear into the planting scheme, making it an unobtrusive yet functional addition.


Micro Sheds for Urban Spaces

Even the smaller gardens and terraces can accommodate a micro shed, perfect for storing essentials. A great option for such spaces is the Absco space saver metal shed. These sheds can also serve good tool storage. A lock can easily be added, with features a Titanium finish coating to ensure continuing durability and hassle-free maintenance, as well as, 20 year guarantee against rust penetration.

Get Creative with Norfolk Sheds

Do you have a small garden and think you can't fit in a shed? You can get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for, we may be able to recommend some great options or even bespoke builds. Norfolk Sheds are here to help you get creative. Here are five shed ideas for small gardens to make the most of tight spaces and inspire you to maximise your area.

  1. Narrow Shed Designs: Go upwards instead of outwards to save floor space. Consider options like all-glass doors and skylights to create a mini-greenhouse effect.
  2. Choose a Corner Shed: Use the spaces around the perimeter of the garden where you are less likely to have decorative features or play areas.
  3. Garden Bars: Transform a narrow shed with a wide, open panel into a garden bar for social gatherings.
  4. Maximise Every Side: Utilise the exterior of your shed for vertical gardens or tool storage to keep your garden organised and safe.
  5. Shallow Tool Sheds: Opt for tall, narrow sheds with adjustable shelves to accommodate your tools without taking up much floor space.

For more inspiration and to find the perfect shed for your compact garden, explore the range of Norfolk Sheds. It’s never too late to create your ideal, bespoke outdoor area!

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