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If do it yourself is not your greatest asset or time is not in your favour, let our experienced shed installation team take the strain out of erecting your new garden building or shed for you.

The installation of all "Norfolk Sheds" outdoor buildings or sheds is carried out by one of our shed experts on to your prepared base usually at the time of delivery, thus saving you time, and the hassle associated with this type of task.

Wooden Mobile basement: Norfolk Sheds can offer you a mobile wooden basement, which goes on metal joists - they go down into the ground, and then wooden boards across on top of the metal frame. The wooden boards are preassure treated, they are giving good long lasting anti-rot weather protection to your shed. If you require one, please let us know and we will be able to give you a quote.

Prices of shed installation are on the specific product range directly linked to the size and style of building or shed which you are purchasing.

Our specialists will install your shosen garden building fast (normally within 2-4 hours on the day of delivery), reliable, and at very competetive price!!!

Please give us a call on 01553 631839 / 07818608331.

start of orkney build Orkney being built Orkney built up


Mammoth 10' x 30' in Loglap - Installation and Finished Products


Mammoth 10 x 30 - Almost Done     Mammoth 10 x 30 - Almost Done - Back    Mammoth 10 x 30 - Almost Done - Inside


Mammoth 10x30 - Finished     Mammoth 10x30 - Finished     Mammoth 10x30 - Finished


Wykenham Log Cabin - Installation and Finished Product

Wykenham - Almost Done     Wykenham - Finished     Wykenham - Finished

Bradenham Log Cabin 12' x 19' in 44mm Logs - Finished Product

Bradenham 12x19 in 44mm Logs - Finished     Bradenham 12x19 in 44mm Logs - Finished

Bradenham 12x19 in 44mm Logs - Garage Door     Bradenham 12x19 in 44mm Logs - Interior