Choosing The Right Garden Building For A Home Office

Since lockdown many people have become accustomed to working from home, as many employers downsized their office space and adopted more of a hybrid working environment. This has resulted in many people having to try and find space at home to create a work space in which they can focus and have some degree of privacy from the hustle and bustle of family life. A number of people simply do not have the space in their homes to create such a space, or find there are still too many distractions, for these reasons, outdoor cabins or home garden offices have become increasingly popular. 

However, it is not just employees that are utilising their gardens to create the right work space for them, those individuals running a home business also go down this route. Effectively running a business from a garden room or log cabin isn't just a trend; it's a proven strategy embraced by some of the world's most successful companies including IKEA; the 17 year old Ingvar Kamprad who was busy at work in his garden shed in Sweden and went onto establish what became the powerhouse, IKEA. Closer to home, renowned inventor and industrial designer James Dyson first began building prototype in his garden shed.


Featured: Sherwood Log Cabin 18G x 20 (5490G x 5950mm)

Norfolk Sheds offers an array of garden buildings that provide a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional office spaces. Log cabins, such as the Shire Log Cabin range and Woodlands Log Cabin range, are particularly popular choices for their functional design and comfortable workspace environment.

Log cabins feature sturdy construction with log boards up to 44mm thick, ensuring a pleasant temperature year-round. Expansive, double-glazed windows flood the interior with natural light, ideal for businesses requiring creativity and inspiration. Additionally, log cabins offer a cost-effective solution compared to home extensions, providing a separate workspace while saving on rent and rates.


Featured: Woodlands Belton Log Cabin in 44mm Logs

Before investing in a log cabin, it's essential to check planning permission guidelines and secure necessary permissions and insurance. Norfolk Sheds' garden rooms are designed to adhere to planning regulations, but local restrictions may apply. Obtaining consent from relevant authorities and ensuring adequate insurance coverage is crucial to protect your business.

Once permissions are in place, selecting the perfect garden room is an exciting step. Norfolk Sheds offers a diverse range of log cabins, including models with side sheds for extra storage space. Careful consideration of business needs and space utilisation is vital when choosing a log cabin. Upon delivery and installation, planning the layout and decorating the workspace according to your preferences enhances productivity and creates an inspiring environment.

Setting up essential utilities such as electricity and Wi-Fi should be done professionally to ensure compliance with safety standards. Decorating the workspace with indoor plants, art prints, and brand-related elements adds personality and professionalism.

In conclusion, running a successful business from a log cabin requires thorough preparation and attention to detail. With the support of Norfolk Sheds' expert sales team and helpful resources, you can create a workspace that supports your entrepreneurial endeavours and inspires productivity for years to come.

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